How to Create Your Reputation as an Artist by: Steven Popkin


Creating Your Reputation!

Make your name a household name! Easier said than done. But that's what will create the "sought after" effect. Now, there are a few steps that you can get started to do this.

1. Attend lots of art shows that you can exhibit your work at. Give out sample postcards of your work and absolutely collect visitors' information when they visit your booth. The larger your database of potential buyers, the greater your chance of selling them in the future. This is an often overlooked method of selling...future buyers established today.

2. Send out Press Releases about you and your work to various media channels in your area and around the country. This could be to introduce a special commemorative line of art your doing tied into a local event or special holiday or anniversary. The Public media (TV & Radio) are always looking for public interest stories. What about your work could you adapt to meet this interest? People that are seen on TV are given the gift of instant credibility. The secret is setting yourself apart from the crowd.

3. Give away some of your work to charity auctions where high profile people will be attending. Your work will automatically get associated with the quality of the event. These charity auctions typically are designed to raise funds and attract philantropic members who are eager to buy items at the auction. Your work will essentially be lifted in their eyes just from the association. This again could lead to future sales if you market yourself properly at the event. You want well known people as collectors. It is worth giving away some work to say that "so and so" collects your work. Remember...credibility.