Help your child get organized

We all do better work when we manage our time well and organize the tasks in front of us. Here are some ways to help your child get organized for school: ? Put a family calendar in the kitchen and write down important school dates. Write down when parents' night at school will be, when report cards are coming out, when conferences take place, and when the holiday show will be. As soon as you receive an announcement of a coming event, write it down on the calendar. Talk with your spouse or partner about events on the calendar so that you both know what's coming up. If your child's other parent doesn't live with you, give him or her a call so everyone can plan in advance for an important event.

If you know you will not be able to attend a program at school, ask another family member or friend if she can be there in your place. ? Make sure there is a quiet space at home where your child can study without distractions. Make sure it has good lighting.

Turn off the TV. Let younger children know that they have to let their sister work on her assignments because it is important to do them carefully. ? Help your child make lists and charts that will help him remember what he has to do. Make a check or star when each job is finished. ? Have a specific place for your child's books, papers, and school assignments. Papers and books kept in a special place won't get lost.

? Check your child's backpack every day for any school notices or announcements. As your child gets older, appreciate his need for privacy and let him check his bag for you. ? Make a folder for the papers that come home from school. Keeping lists and notices about school events in one place will save you time when you are looking for them. You might organize a folder with divider sections.

You could label one section "Sports" and another section "Class lists." You can buy a special folder with sections at a store that sells office supplies. ? Be sure your child has all the necessary school supplies all year long, not just when the new school year starts. These include a dictionary, paper, pens and pencils, a pencil sharpener, markers, a ruler, tape, scissors, glue, paper clips, and a calculator. ? Help your child learn to organize homework and school papers. See the "Homework tips" section in this booklet for suggestions.

? Make sure that your child gets a good night's sleep and eats well. A healthy breakfast and lunch can help your child do well in school. Healthy snacks like sandwiches, fruit, and milk give your child energy for learning. ? Offer your help and support. If your sixth-grader finds that her science assignment is overwhelming, help her think through the steps needed to tackle it.

If your teenager is up late studying, stay up too and catch up on your reading, laundry, or paying the bills. You don't have to be in the same room. Knowing you stayed up while your son worked, or that you brought your daughter a healthy snack while she finished her assignment, will mean a lot. Your child will remember that you cared.

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