How To Use File Sharing Programs For The First Time

File sharing programs are designed to be easy to use and provides you with a wealth of benefits and services. The first thing to know is that there are often two programs that come with each file sharing program; they are the free and pro versions. The free version has limited features and can download just about everything the pro version has only it is slower, there are not as many connections and some of the more advanced features and some file types may not be available.

Then there is the pro version, which allows you access to greater download speeds, greater search capabilities by allowing access to a larger number of connections as well as features like TV shows and movie downloads. The Pro version comes at a fee.

There are three levels 1 year, 3 year and life time. The 1 year and 3 year memberships must be renewed every year and the lifetime is a flat fee. If you are planning on using the program for more than 2 years or if you download extensively consider the lifetime membership.

It gives you access to all the file sharing programs features as well as technical support and access to upgraded programs.

File sharing programs are easy to install. Simply download the version you want and follow the instructions. Make sure that you indicate the file that will be used for sharing.

This is where all the files you download will be sent. Either choose the default or pick one of your own. Then finish the installation. You do not need to restart your system and once installation is complete you can begin using the file sharing program right away.

Once the program loads simply pick the type of file you are looking for and then enter in the keyword or search criteria. Then search.

You will pull up a listing of all the files on the network that match the keyword you placed in the search. Choose the file you want. It is best to choose from high connection speeds.

This means that you will get the file faster because the user has a greater amount of bandwidth to devote to transferring the file.

The all you have to do is wait for the file to download and you are ready to go. Many file sharing programs often go a step further and allows you to not only download but burn disks containing all the data youve downloaded or is in your share folder easily and quickly with just a few clicks.

You can leave the program running which allows you to finish downloads and allow people to share the files or you can terminate the application any time in the middle of a download. The download will resume when you reopen the application or you can have the program terminate and shut itself down as soon as you have finished downloading.

Once you have downloaded the file make sure to scan for viruses and spyware.

While many file sharing programs do not have spyware, adware or viruses it can not protect you from the files you are downloading from other people.


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