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Mbop Megastore is now on the final stages of its initial expansion plan. With a massive ingestion of tracks happening on a daily basis, the promise of music from every genre for every generation is coming to fruition. MBop are very quickly heading to the magic 2 million track mark, and this is when the next stage begins.

With this massive selection of music comes the problem of actually directing and guiding people to brilliant music that may otherwise have stayed undiscovered. One way MBop are planning to achieve this is by using expert advisors to write content for the site. Another way is to bring the record buying community into the site. With a moderated forum, MBop hopes to lead the way in online music discussion, with people able to recommend records and discuss tastes and trends, building a community of music lovers from all genres. Our collaboration with record labels across the board has allowed us to collect music from every angle, opening our market to its broadest capacity. Another exciting prospect is the imminent ingestion of the Beggars Group.

This legendary name is one of the most versatile and forward thinking independent record labels in the world, and their addition to the Megastore is fantastic news for the store and its customers. Not only is MBop intent on developing their relationship with the independent labels that are so important for keeping their cutting edge customer base happy, they are also focussing on something for the older consumer. This is being done by making sure that this current expansion phase has something for everyone, and as such, the store is showing a huge increase in the number of Classical, Jazz and Soul titles available for download, as well as specialised areas including Religious and gospel music, and genres including spoken word and stories. With access to the huge customer database that MBop possesses, news of the availability of these titles, some of which are unavailable elsewhere, will be spread far and wide in no time at all.

Mbop's unique selling point of building a Music society online has allowed members to enjoy music with friends. Our fusion of promotion and distribution puts our Megastore at a level of all-round expertise. Justin Stoneman, journalist for 'The Independent' newspaper recently devoted a full page spread to MBop founder Paul Ballance and his MBop brand, stating "The new MBop business has successfully launched an attack on the big boys".

This and other Media interest, together with the hard working MBop team has allowed MBop to reach the masses. Other success for the Megastore has come in the form of collaboration from leading music media organisations including 'Music Week', recognising MBop megastore's success, advantages and plans for the future. The journey for Mbop has just begun, the expansion is rapid the focus is driven. MBop's future holds a new community of Music loving members in a global online music society.

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