Relationship Advice for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is again once upon us. Many of us have already made plans to spend a romantic evening with our significant other. If you haven't already made plans, you still have time. Many couples traditionally make plans to go out for a romantic dinner for two, maybe see a movie afterwards.

Many choose to stay in the comfort of their own home and spend the night by a crackling fire. Whatever you decide, make sure it's genuine, romantic, and from the heart. Women love it when their man takes the time to plan something special for them, especially on Valentines Day. Be sure to tell the special woman in your life, how much you love her. It's ok to drop the macho act this one particular day out of the year. Pour your soul out to her.

Let her know how special she really is to you. How much she means to you, and how lucky you are to have her in your life. Let her know how much of a better man you have become since the two of you have been together. After you have completely melted her heart with the release of your feelings, it will be time to wine and dine her. Don't be a tightwad this year, and spend the money on this special occasion. Take her to her favorite restaurant, or cook her favorite meal.

Take her to see the chick flick you know she's been dying to see. Take her shopping at her favorite store. Good lord man, pamper this woman like there is no tomorrow. If you do all of this and can go all night without saying something stupid, then the dividends of your efforts should pay out for months! Now some free advice for you women.

First off, be ready to go at a descent time. Be prepared and start getting ready about one hour before you normally do when you go out. This should ensure that you leave the house on time. This way your man will not be so anxious, and be tempted to say something stupid causing you to snap at him.

This is a bad way to start off this special evening. Remember, it's better to be lovers than to be fighters. Make sure that your extra sexy for him this evening. Trust me.

Your man loves it when you are exceptionally beautiful and confident with him in public. Make sure you maintain both physical and eye contact throughout dinner. Rub his hands from across the table, or if you are setting next to him, rub his thigh to let him know you appreciate the effort he has put forward for you this special day of love. Let your man know how much you appreciate him.

Let him know how thankful you are to have such a real man in your life. Let him know how safe and secure you feel with him. When you get home after a romantic night out on the town, let him know that you had a wonderful time and offer him a backrub for his efforts. He will be putty in your hands after this. Now it's time to put on that sexy little outfit you bought just for him.

Well I think we all know where these special romantic evening end up from here, provided all went well and we as men were fortunate enough not to say any thing too stupid throughout the evening. I think if we both as partners follow these basic outlines of mutual respect, love, and appreciation, will come to appreciate the fact that we truly are lucky to have such a wonderful person in our lives with whom we can share our secrets and our passions with.

Shane Brooks is a self employeed writer who simply enjoys living life one day at a time.
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