Master Lead Guitar Improvisations Quickly For Guitarists - Guitar improvisation is among the most important aspect of lead guitar playing and without improvisation you will never be able to make the type of impact you would like to make while doing a live gig.

Using Guitar Chord Inversions for Playing Rhythm Guitar - Chord inversions use diatonic chords and are important for playing lead guitar.

How To Use File Sharing Programs For The First Time - File sharing programs are designed to be easy to use and provides you with a wealth of benefits and services.

Relationship Advice for Valentines Day - Relationship and dating advice for Valentines Day.

Collecting Superhero Action Figures Isnt Just For Kids - Collecting superhero figures is not just for children.

Ten Secrets - What turns a new relationship into a long-term relationship? How do you keep the new relationship energy flowing? How do you break the short-term relationship syndrome? Here is a quick list of 10 things you can do to turn that budding romance into the relationship of your dreams.

Easy Ways to Find and Attract Your Soulmate - What is a soul mate? A soul mate is a person that matches your ?being? your ?ideas? in life or your ?style?.

How To Date Women - For most single guys, dating women is a breeze.

More Breathing Room Overcoming Obsession and Dependency In Relationships - Being obsessive in a relationship is not healthy.

Perfume Ideas for Mothers Day We Name Names - Most women love fragrances so buying perfume for Mother's Day sounds like a great gift idea.

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